Argan Oil Making Headlines


Aware no…that often…either the best or worst of things make headlines…Well…no surprises…Argan too falls in the category of the things that make ultimate headlines…

But…for all the right reasons…Here’s telling you what are those reasons…Read on to find…


The ancient and rare Argan tree is the source of the seeds where Argan oil is extracted….Argan trees are endemic and indigenous to Morocco…These trees are heavily exploited…As a result….these trees are listed as endangered and are part of the World Heritage List since 1999….Until recently…Argan oil was processed completely by hand which proved to be a laborious undertaking…There are many companies and shops that have coordinated efforts with Moroccan women and cooperatives to ensure the preservation of Argan trees and that the oils they extract from these trees are derived in environmentally-safe ways…

Argan oil is rich!

Argan oil is composed of linoleic and oleic acids…It is also a rich source of vitamin E…The nutritional value of this natural oil makes it a nutritious addition to culinary dishes and salads….People who are concerned with their heart health need not worry because Argan oil is cholesterol free…In fact…its oleic acids and mono saturated fat content helps lower bad cholesterol levels…

Attain those long tresses

Because of the nutritional properties of Argan oil…it is also a great addition to your skincare and hair care regimen….Argan oil is also known to be an emollient which makes it good for moisturizing the skin and scalp…It has nourishing properties and a good amount of anti-oxidants that help fight skin aging…Argan oil is also known to treat several skin problems…like acne….Argan oil is known to nourish the scalp and make hair look healthier….

Sneak-peek in history

Cooperative groups in Morocco employ women who help with the manufacturing of Argan oil…These cooperative groups control the production and distribution of Argan oil to different parts of the world…Berber women have turned a traditional skill and know-how into something they can subsist on….Argan oil gives these women a reliable and stable source of income for their families and children…

Massage using Argan oil

Argan oil is known to be soothing on the skin…which makes it great for massages….It also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that make it effective at providing relief for sore muscles and joint pains….

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