Turn Flab To Abs With Argan Oil


I’ll tell you a very basic and notable point that make you go ‘Ooooh yes!’…

Ever seen the pictures of granny or great-grand granny?

Wasn’t she amazingly thin…slim…? (Not a matter that now she looks like a football now!)

Well…Ever wondered why? I mean why were our grandparents SO thin during their youth years?

It is because…they ate mainly…healthy…home-cooked food…and NOT the exotic…sugar dripping dessert or double-cheese hamburgers we savour in almost every meal of ours in a day!

Did the bulb light?…Wait…I’ll unveil points to fuse it!

I know you know everything you should do to lose weight…but futile…you never give it land…Don’t!

Forget all your diet plans!

Tear your calendars marked with days of diets!

Stop hovering over the weighing machines!

Just do as I say!

Add good stuff into your meal plan…the first step towards losing weight….

Ever heard of a ‘Healthy oil’?

I know it is an oxymoron…

But it is time for you to discover argan oil!

Give more attention to argan oil…This oil is 100% natural…It comes all the way from the south western parts of Morocco and it is good for you….No wait…it is BEST for you!

It tastes really well and it has vitamins and minerals that will help keep your body healthy…If you use this oil to dress your salad you’re good to go…You’ll be adding something healthy to what is already healthy…This oil is good for the heart and wonderful for digestion…As in you’ll throw out all unwanted stuff as soon as you consume something healthy…thereby maintaining your good weight…

Using healthy oils such as Argan oil in any food item is !10 times more healthy than cooking the food in any other oil…you know you can continue to have all that you fancy…just with a lot healthier oil….The oil is packed with essential unsaturated fatty acids…vitamin E and antioxidants that provide health benefits and does not contribute to weight gain at all…In addition…the oil will not clog arteries and even help improve your cholesterol profile…Drizzle argan oil on grilled meat and vegetables or use in salad dressings….

Also…to add to your knowledge…Essential fatty acids taht are present in argan oil increase energy production by helping the body to obtain more oxygen….They

  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Increase oxygen rate
  • Increase levels of energy and stamina

This is typical for in athletes…the overweight and elderly and middle aged….

Also…Essential fatty acids increase the body’s ability to metabolize oxygen thus aiding the recovery from tiredness…This energy is not like a high we can get from coffee etc…. but a stable…sustained and more enduring energy…

And please understand…Because essential fatty acids increase our metabolic rate and energy levels…what does it mean?

It means we burn up more calories! It is not correct to count these Essential Fatty Acids as fat calories because they actually increase calorie burning…and rather than being used as fuel…they play a role in cell- membranes…and are converted into hormone-like prostaglandins…These fats keep us slim! Get it?

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